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Conifer Lake is a truly fantastic area for nature, combining well kept garden areas and natural wildlife habitat. Which ever direction you look there is Plants, Trees, Birds, Flowers and Beautiful Surroundings to be seen and enjoyed and which will make lasting memories of your visit to Conifer Lake and we can guarantee you will want to come back time after time. At Conifer Lake our main focus with land management is wildlife this includes building all our own Nest Boxes, Bat Boxes, Bug Houses, Hedgehog Houses, Wild Life Ponds, Bird Feeding Stations along with planting and up keeping specific areas for the benefit of Butterflies, Bees and other insects. The Bird life in particular benefit from the surroundings making full use of the nest boxes feeding stations and habitat we provide. The following is a list of birds that can be seen within the boundaries of Conifer Lake, most on a daily basis : -

Kingfisher - Wood Pigeon - Stock Dove - Starling - Blue Tit - Great Tit - Coal Tit - Marsh Tit - Long Tailed Tit - Robin - Goldfinch - Moorhen - Sparrowhawk - Tree Sparrow - Tawny Owl - Barn Owl - Bullfinch - Buzzard - Mallard - Chaffinch - Wren - Great Spotted Woodpecker - Green Woodpecker - Black Headed Gull - Dunnock - Blackbird - Nuthatch - Jackdaw - Goldcrest - Redpoll - Siskin - Red Kite - Magpie - Jay - Rook - Carrion Crow - Tree Creeper - Pheasant - Red Legged Partridge - Greenfinch - Kestrel - Mistle Thrush - Song Thrush - Greylag Goose. Summer Visitors -  Swallow - House Martin - Swift - Chiff Chaff - Willow Warbler - Black Cap - Whitethroat - Garden Warbler. Occasional visitors :-  Mandarin Duck - Little Grebe - Mute Swan - Greylag Goose -  Tufted Duck - Cormorant - Grey Heron - Common Tern.


We take pride in the Bird Life that choose to make Conifer lake their home and  raise their families here and we do our best to help them a little by building and providing a variety of nest boxes and providing feeding areas especially during the winter.

Giving Birds a Helping Hand

Conifer Lake covers approximately 11 Acres consisting of Gardens, Mixed Woodland, Plants,Flower Beds, Lakes and Lawn Areas. A variety of insects play an important part in our echo system providing many important functions. Providing essential food for birds and their young, pollinating plants and flowers, aerating soil, controlling insects and plant pests. Many insects, especially beetles feed on dead animals, fallen trees, decomposing wood making these creatures amazing recycling machines putting nutrients back into the soil. Here at Conifer we say a big thank you to our little insect friends and just like we do with our Bird Life we also give the army of little helpers an helping hand by providing Areas of Uncultivated Land, Bug Hotels, Bug Globes, Log Piles, Planting Beneficial Flowers and Plants. 

Natural Beauty

Our commitment is to all forms of Wildlife at Conifer Lake including the many Frogs, Toads, Newts along with the many mammals that live or visit ourselves these include various species of Bats that can often be seen flying over and around the lake. Other mammals that can be seen on a regular occasions is Hedgehog, Roe Deer, Red Fox, Weasel, Stoat, Grey Squirrel and different species of small rodents Shrew, Vole, Mouse. We are always creating new enviroments to encourage all Wildlife, maintaining the tress, woodlands and other spaces to help cater for speicies who require different habitats and requirements these include Wildlife Ponds, Bat Boxes, Hedgehog Homes and quite Wildlife areas.

Wildlife Habitat

Conifer Lake is beautiful all year round throughout the changing seasons the view are stunning and unforgetable. Wildlife love it and you will too.

All Seasons