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Coasrse Fishing at Conifer Lake
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Barneys lake will now be closed permanently on Saturdays & Sundays to pleasure anglers Tonys lake will be open 7 days a week we open from 8am until 1 hour before dark 

 Barneys Lake

This is the largest lake its around 3 acre in size , it has 26 pegs all pegs are around 6ft wide made from wood with anti slip wire and are clean even in the worst weather, There is around 6mt + between most of the pegs , each peg has an island to cast to pegs 3 to 17 are great to reach the island for pole fishing pegs 18 to 26 are a little further and are great for the pole or feeder fishing or pellet waggler ,CLOSED  Saturdays & Sundays  every week , 


Tony's Lake

This is around 1 acre in size with 14 nicely spaced out wooden pegs all around 6ft wide with anti skid wire on them , there are 6 islands on this lake and great for pole fishing  every peg has a feature to fish to , OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  



We often get asked what type of fish can we catch at conifer lakes and what sort of size do they go up to in Tony's Lake and Barneys Lake, when we purchased conifer in 2009 it was one large lake, in 2017 we decided to split it into 2 this helps in a way we did not think about , when we have matches Saturdays , Sundays and Tuesdays  we close Barneys lake and have Tony's lake for pleasure fishing , there are the same type of fish in both lakes from small 3oz up to 10lb . we have Carp inc common , mirror , crucian , ghost, F1s, and leather we have a good selection of silvers inc bream, Roach, Rudd, Ide, Green Tench, Golden Tench, Chub, Perch and if you fish for them large Eels .

So whats the best method whats the best bait whats the best peg and a thousand other questions i get asked week in week out ????????? . i can answer this and most questions with one answer THERE IS NO BEST every day is a new day, fish peg 14 tony,s  lake on Monday then fish it again on Thursday you might find on the Monday you catch more carp than anything all on hard pellet on the bottom then on Thursday its more Ide on maggot  a foot from the top, its this why fishing is like no other sport it changes each hour each day each month its never the same very much like the english weather unpredictable . but i here you say that's answer is no good to me , OK  i will try and give you a little more on how to fish tony,s and Barney,s lakes . first you want on your bait table maggots , 4ml and 6ml hard pellets, 4ml and 6ml soft expender pellets , assortment of wafters and sweetcorn . you will have more chance of catching if you have a variety of bait , you don't have to use them all once you find out what the fish are eating that day you can settle down and catch remember there is no best every day is different , this is also true for the method you use i have had good days on the pole, the waggler , the pellet waggler , the method feeder , again different times of the year is better than other times for different types of fishing , i have found winter is a good time for using a small method feeder with a worm or 4 dead maggots up against one of the islands , In spring , summer and autumn on the pole this could be close in under your feet or 13mt in front of you , on the bottom or anywhere up to 6 inch from the top , if its a warm sunny day try pellet waggler its a great way to fish , ha ha now i here you say well that's all obvious well if it is can you please tell me why i get asked the same questions all the time , Allison and myself have had conifer lake 11 years we have made a lot of changes we have slowly stocked both lakes and made the place a joy to fish with great very large clean pegs well spaced apart , please remember conifer lake is not a carp puddle its more like the old fashion country estate lake with nature bursting out everywhere you look .  if you are planning on a trip to conifer please read our fishing rules , fishing info and how to find us pages , see you all soon ......        

this was taken in Feb 2020