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                                        Fishing  Information




Barneys lake will now be closed permanently on Saturday Sundays to pleasure anglers , tonys lake will be open  7 DAYS A WEEK  we will be open from 8am until 1 hour before dark each day


Conifer lake is OPEN for PLEASURE FISHING the gates will be open at 8am
The gates will be opened at 8am and locked just before dark monday to friday ( Barneys lake will be closed saturday Sunday every week ), we have placed a honesty box and payment booth you will see it as you drive in (see photo) please use this fill out the ticket put one half in the envelope provided with the fishing fee and place in the post box keep the other half of the ticket for inspection, if you are fishing without a ticket you will be charged £10 at your peg.
Ticket Prices:
Adult day ticket     £8.00 honesty box ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,£10 at your peg
OAP day ticket      £7.00 honesty box ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,£10  at your peg                               
after 4pm            £6.00 honesty box ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,£10  at your peg
No children under 16 unless aproved by us first .

Night fishing

No club matches
Carp Fishing
Sorry we do not allow outright carp fishing at this venue as from 1st jan 2016, this means people who fish with carp rods buzzers bivies etc . you can use pole , wagler , q tip etc to fish for the carp that are in conifer lake they range from 1lb to around 10lb  .
Please read our rules before you fish if you don't like them go to another fishery ,we are trying to make conifer lake a place you want to come back to for the beautiful serene and peaceful environment as well as the fantastic fishing , please don't take this the wrong way but its not a dumping ground for kids on school holidays NO children under 16 if you would like to fish with someone under 16 please phone Graham on 07766821836 to make sure this is OK , please note its £8 for children the same as adults ,Anyone fishing must have good quality fishing tackle not a £2 rod with 20lb line attached to it like i have seen at some places
                                               Anyone breaking the rules will be asked to leave 
Please DO NOT bring any keep nets , weighing nets or landing nets to this fishery , keep nets are not allowed we will loan you a landing net (only the net not the handle) they will be hung up on a line you will see them as you drive in please take one before you go to your peg then at the end of the session dip the net in the net dip and hang back up, please do not take it home with you ,
Conifer lake is a Day ticket water but we hold matches on Barneys lake so is closed saturdays,sundays , Tonys lake is open 7 days a week for plesure fishing ,
,HOW DO YOU FIND US Conifer Lake is located next to Allerthorpe village, near Pocklington, East Yorks. It's approximately 15 miles from York city center.  this is a secluded, peaceful, well stocked fishing lake,have a look on how to find us ,please do not use the back way there is no way in that way now ,